Thursday, April 17, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Today my little boy turns four. Hard to believe, but I guess every parent says that about their child on their birthday. But, it is a good day to think back over the past year and rejoice over the things that have happened (we are very glad to be done with THREE!!).

The other day after preschool, some of us moms let our kids run around on the grass while we "chatted", it was finally nice enough to do so! Mr. Social that he is, Jesse quickly organized a duck-duck-goose game with most of the kids, even the older ones! Karis was standing a few feet away from the circle, not sure how to get in on the action and if she wanted to. Jesse noticed her standing there and brought her over to the circle and held her on his lap! I was so touched I almost cried! That would not have happened a few months ago but I can see a four year old kindness creeping in now and then and it gives me hope! Don't get me wrong, he can still be plenty rude and selfish with his sister but it is nice to see him maturing a bit.

Another thing to rejoice in is that he conquered potty training, finally. After a long battle, he finally decided he was ready to commit, all of it, to the potty and not his pants. Hallelujah!! He is even waking up dry in the morning (I really thought that would NEVER happen!) and wakes up in the middle of the night and goes all by himself, amazing what a few months does!

So, we are in the midst of a week-long celebration of Jesse: cupcakes at school on Tuesday, gifts from mom and dad today, complete with birthday dinner and ice cream, a friend party on Saturday and family on Sunday, phew!

We love our guy and are so thankful to have him in our family! He is a blessing!

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Kit said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Jesse! We love you!
Jane, tonight we were reading the Bible story book that you and Matt and Ian and Matt Grewe and Lisa gave to Walter when he was one. I'm so thankful for you guys, and for the Lord's faithfulness in your lives. We love you!