Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day of Jesse

Today was full of great Jesseisms:

We try to limit full length movies to the weekend so when Jesse asks during the week I tell him that we only watch movies on "special" days, like Friday night. Well, today, he asked to watch Cars after his rest and I told him not today, let's wait until Friday. "A special day?" "Yes, we'll wait for a special day." Well, about a half hour later he comes up to me and says, in his most cunning, sweet voice, "It sure is a special day today, isn't it Mom?" Nice try.

The 1st grader who lives across the street was hanging out with us on the front porch this evening and he was showing us where he lost his last tooth. After he pointed to the place in his mouth Jesse says, "How sad!" Kevin looked at him like he was crazy, "No, I got two bucks for that tooth!"

As we were drying off after bath tonight Jesse asked if we were moving into our new house tomorrow morning. I explained that they were still building it. He asked what they still had to build and I listed, "The kitchen, the floors, the fireplace..." At that he perked up, "Can we build fires in it?" I nodded, figuring I would explain the gas fire part of it later....he says, "Then we will live happily ever after!" I laughed and he continued, "Then we can grow a baby when we live there!" I stopped mid towel wipe, "We promises there kiddo." "Then we could bring the crib and put the baby in it...." Oh boy.

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