Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome to the Terrible Two's!

We have arrived. The screaming, the body throwing on the floor, the defiant "no" and yes, the hitting, has begun. Our little princess is showing us all that she is indeed a sinner (and that she just doesn't know how to keep it under control like we adults can!).
It has taken me off guard, I must admit. Jesse went through more of a terrible three stage (we LOVE four!) and wasn't much of a screecher and body thrower. But, I guess in some ways it will be nice to get it over with sooner than later (unless, of course, Karis will go through terrible twos and threes, have mercy!). I also feel alot more relaxed about it this time around. I think with the first I thought that all of Jesse's behavior was a direct reflection of my parenting, how stressful! Now I know, things happen in stages and there is alot of grace for my parental shortcomings.
To end on a funny note. We were in the grocery store this afternoon and one of my favorite Croby Stills and Nash songs come on over the loud speaker (which also happens to be the ringtone on my cell phone). Karis perks up after the first few lines and exclaims, "That's Mommy's phone!" And what is even funnier about that, I don't get very many phone calls!


Amy said...

I am not looking forward to S being 2. She already has a very strong will, at 13 months!

Meet the DuRoss's: said...

Glad to hear that the 4's are good ~ we are in the TERRIBLE 3's and just praying for January until Selah turns 4!! Something tells me that Judah will be like Karis and hit the terrible 2's loud and with many punches!!! Missing you guys!