Saturday, September 6, 2008

Conversation in the car

Matt and I were discussing purchasing a treadmill:

Jane: "I really need to start working out to get rid of the lumpy cellulite that's forming on my thighs."
Matt: "What!? What cellulite? I don't see any cellulite!" (His first good move)
Jane: "Well, luckily, it's where my shorts cover it up so you can't see it."
Matt: "Who's looking at that part of your leg anyway?"
Jane: "I'm looking. I see it in the mirror."
Matt: "What do you think God sees when he sees you in the mirror?"
Jane: Frown
Matt: "Jesus, that's what he sees."

Second good move, also the reason I married this guy- he points me to Jesus.
Although, I still think a treadmill purchase is a good idea :)

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kit and her caboodle said...

Awww, I just love you guys! You are the best. I remember your wedding day so well. It's such a blessing to see the Lord in your lives, Jane!