Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life, right now

So, the cat is out of the bag. We are expecting baby #3 in June sometime. I have yet to go to the doctor officially, but the one around here gave me a June 13th due date. For whatever that is worth!
I am in the throes of early pregnancy: TIRED (I didn't think it was possible to be more tired than I normally am but apparently, it is very possible) and hungry ALL the time. The nausea hasn't hit too hard yet, but I was never terribly sick with the other two, so that is no surprise. I also didn't realize that as the third pregnancy comes along, your belly starts making room right away. I am already uncomfortable in my jeans (that I just bought and looked months for). Oh well! So, I am trying to rest and not beat up on myself for a trashed house and laundry build up, this too shall pass.
In other family news, we moved Karis to a big girl bed and it seems she needs to test her new freedom. So, we've had some early mornings lately, either she climbs in bed with us or wakes her brother up to play. This morning, just before 6 am, I took a stand and pulled a Supernanny move: standing outside her door and putting her back into her bed every time she came out. She screamed and carried on for about 10 mins and then finally gave in and I got to go back to bed for another hour. Hopefully, she got the point. It's hard to go back from hence we came- we've had Jesse trained to stay in his room until his clock says 7:00 for awhile now, I guess this is just one of the many changes in the months to come.
As far as potty training, I do it when I fell like it (which is not much lately!). It's funny how hard core I was with Jesse, once we started there was no going back. But, that didn't really do me any good then so I am not going to kill myself over it now. She gets the hang of it and when I try it, she can do it, especially with nothing on. But, as soon as I put the underwear on, she just goes like she's wearing a diaper. She is slowly getting there. I figure I have 8 months! I can already see that she will catch on better than Jesse did.
Well, that's all for now, the Diego video is over and the kiddos need to head up for naps, maybe I'll catch one too!

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