Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Big Day

Well, it's almost here. In two days America will have voted for it's next president and we can all stop debating and wrestling over the important issues this election addresses, at least for a little while. I told myself that I wasn't going to post a blog about the election, that I was going to keep my opinions off of bloggy-sphere. But, I read something this week that really ruffled my feathers, followed by a comment my pastor made today in church, I feel like I should say something now. No, I won't be disclosing who I will be voting for, although, if you have talked to me recently, you probably know, nor will I be sharing why I chose the candidate I have. This blog is about something else.
This morning my pastor made the comment during the opening of our service that Tuesday is not the most important day this week for Christians. While it is important that we weigh the issues, pray over them and vote our conscience, Wednesday is more important than Tuesday for the Christian. Because, how we react on Wednesday to the results of the election, how we align our trust to the only true hope for change in our world, will be a light to those around us. That it is more important that we glorify God not only in our vote but in our reaction to the God we trust to use any authority for his purposes. That blew me away, especially after reading a letter endorsed by a sub-group to Focus on the family, started by James Dobson, this week. I was outraged and deeply disappointed by the contents of this letter, not only because the information is inflammatory and not realistic, but it uses scare tactics to get Christians to vote a certain way. Whether you are voting for McCain or Obama, this letter should outrage any intelligent Christian who should be putting their trust in a sovereign God. I encourage you to read it (or at least the highlights in the Christianity Today blog) and then, if you feel so inclined, click here to write a letter to Dobson voicing your disappointment. I also encourage you to vote on Tuesday according to a prayful conscience and then to wake up on Wednesday full of hope in a God who loves His people and uses even us for his purposes.

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