Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My heart is good

Karis made up a new song last night. She was practicing in front of the back door window so she could see herself belt out her new number. The words? "My heart is good, my heart is good, my heart is gooooooooood!" Precious thing. Only, not very Presbyterian of her is it? I smiled to myself and just let her sing her good little heart out. When Matt came home she ran up to him, "Daddy, I made a new song!" She was so excited. She sang her new song with all her heart to Matt and I could see the smile fade from his face into this puzzled look. He looked up at me, I mouthed, "Go with it."
Then at dinner it came up again and I thought this is too good of a teachable moment to pass up. So I asked both kids, "Guys, what makes our heart good?" They both immediately responded with enthusiasm, "GOD!" Phew. Matt continued the conversation to explain how Jesus' death makes us good and apart from him we are not so good. It ended up being a good conversation that I hope didn't squelch Karis' artistic freedom!

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