Sunday, February 22, 2009

Drama Queen

I am beginning to see, as I have many times in my life, that the wisdom of God is far greater than my own. I wanted another little girl so Karis would have a sister and I could relish in cute baby clothes one more time. But, God decided, in His wisdom to give us another boy. This weekend, I have seen the beginning of this wisdom...

Karis and Jesse were fighting over a toy yesterday. She was hysterical. I hear, through tears, Karis shout, "BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND!" (I don't remember saying, or thinking things like that until elementary school!) So, I go into the room they were in to try and help them work it out. Karis shouts, "Mommy, leave me alone! Don't worry about it!" Lord, have mercy, she's two and a half!

Today Karis has been sick and not feeling like herself, so everything was a REALLY big deal. Again, there was a fight over a toy and Karis says to Jesse, "Leave me alone! I don't feel well!" I didn't think I would be having the conversation about how we feel should not govern how we treat others until, say puberty when she's struggling with PMS or something!

So, I see now, how another boy may save me some headaches in 10 years, but really, I think that God just has another form of sanctification in store for me. Maybe it just has a little less drama involved!

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