Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saving Jesus

Last night at dinner, Jesse announced, "I have some bad news." When asked what the bad news was, he responded, "I was watching the news this morning and there was a four year old that got hit by a car because he didn't look both ways." I'm not sure what news he was talking about, considering we didn't watch the news that day, but we expressed our sorrow at the news all the same. Then Karis chimed in, "I have some bad news too." Trying to hide our smiles, we asked what her bad news was. "Jesus just died. The soldiers put nails in his arms." OK, wasn't expecting that one. I'm not sure where she heard that "bad news", I am thinking maybe at preschool but we used it as an opportunity to explain how that is actually "good news"!

Then after dinner, the kids were playing cowboy and cowgirl. They were looking at Jesse's cowboy map and Karis pointed to a landmark and said, "There's heaven! We need to go there to save Jesus so the soldiers don't put nails in his arms!" Matt and I laughed to ourselves at the literal interpretation our soon-to-be three year had of Jesus' death, while Jesse tried fruitlessly to correct her theology. But Karis was unmoved and determined that she and Jesse would indeed save Jesus that night.


emily said...

Un-stinkin-believable! They are just to cute. Maybe I DO like kids more :)

Kit said...

Jane, I'm giggling. I love it. I love how Jesse was trying to correct his sister's theology...typical first born.