Monday, December 20, 2010

Mommy Monday

Just joining us? Read my first Mommy Monday post to catch up on what is going on!

In a few months my sister will begin the process of registering for baby gear. If you have seen the options lately, it is overwhelming! Obviously, most of it is completely unnecessary, for example, I never understood the whole wipe warmer thing- why get a baby attached to warm wipes when you can't take it everywhere you go? But, there are some who couldn't live without the wipe warmer, it's all a matter of opinion. That's why we ask the readers:

What are the only three (or less) non-essential things you need to survive babyhood?
(Examples of essentials: boobs, bottles, diapers, sleep, grace, more grace)

My picks:
1. Ergo carrier- really, I think that might be the only non-essential thing you need
2. Swaddle blankets, especially the ones with velcro
3. Pack and play- great for having downstairs for diaper changes and sleeping babies, saves the trips up and down the stairs


Sullivan's Mom said...

We loved....
1. svan baby bouncer. gentle and NO BATTERIES. extra bonus.
2. we had better luck with the baby bjorn - they make a model that's easier on your back - we tested a bunch (although we never tried the ergo - it looks like I'd have loved it)...lesson? this is not a one-size-fits-all job...
and so,
3. an open mind and flexibility.
4. (sorry) that small diaper changing thing...I forget who makes it, but you can throw it in your bag...(not just a diaper bag.)
And for fun, here's a waste of time list....
1. pacifier clips...did they work for anyone?
(that's the only thing I can think of, currently.... sorry.)

mfb said...

All depends on the baby but for the "high intensity" baby....
1. Moby carrier. Yes, it is a little complicated at first but far worth it. It distributes the weight across your whole back and is the only sling we know of that allow baby to face out (besides Bjorn which hurt my back a lot). It's also the only one that works with newborns and transitions to older babies.
2. Miracle Blanket. T got out of EVERY swaddle blanket, but not this one!
3. Books that crinkle.

Lisa said...

1. I was also going to say a moby-style WRAP carrier. I still love mine.
2. We lugged our BABY SWING cross country because I didn't want to part with it.
3. The SNUGGLE NEST. It's a great co-sleeping apparatus that keeps baby safe in his/her own space but still right beside you. And even if you don't regularly co-sleep, it would make traveling with an infant much easier to have him/her bed with you rather than hauling a pack n play.
4. JANE's phone number!!

DinaAnn said...

1. A comfy rocker. Yes, this is a pricey essential but for the first several weeks I lived, nursed, slept, pumped, ate, drank and nursed some more in my rocker with a matching ottoman. Still love it!
2. The velcro swaddler wrap. My boys loved being bundled...even in July!
3. A downstairs changing station. We just set up our pack n play and it was SO helpful not having to run upstairs to the changing table for every diaper change. Especially with two under two, we needed a safe place to put baby down but still keep an eye on everyone. We have a 5 yr old graco and still use it for guests. Works great!