Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Truth

Sometimes it just feels like you will never change, doesn't it? The same doubts, struggles with certain sins and just plain old selfishness plague us sometimes, right?

Well, today I had a moment of grace. A moment God showed me that he is indeed at work in my heart and changing me. I am so thankful for those moments!

I was busy getting the two little ones lunch today. Karis had a cup of water on the coffee table and I happen to look over just as Silas picked it up and spilled it all over the floor. My usual gut reaction to situations like this is to get exasperated and annoyed, sometimes (depending on my stress level) I have been known to raise my voice in frustration. But today, I heard a voice in my head say simply, "Don't cry over spilt milk." And I was calm. God blessed me with gentleness in that moment. I got a paper towel walked over to clean it up and I could see both little ones looking to me for the reaction. I smiled. Their faces lightened.
Thank you, Jesus.


Gary said...

Jane, God is so good isn't He. Just yesterday I was thinking of some of the changes God is doing in me. Seems slow to me but it is coming. I enjoy your notes.

emily said...

sweet :)