Friday, March 25, 2011

The Kitchen Sink Post

I must admit, I have been totally distracted from my blog this week (and last).  I have started thinking about pursuing a postpartum doula and/or some sort of lactation certification.  The options are many and I am trying to sort through what I want to do and how I want to go about it.  And of course, there is timing.  So, I have been preoccupied but getting excited at the prospect of helping new mamas in the future!  Stay tuned!
I have not forgotten the ol' blog, however!  Here are the posts I missed:

Wordless Wednesday:

My "Helper"

Thankful Thursday

finally, new TV shows on Thursday night!

finding bootleg episodes of Friday Night Lights, season 5- it is SO good!

brand new life

celebrating lives lived

sharing the Lord's Supper with Jesse the past two weeks (even if he spills grape juice down the front of his pants...)

a book that reminds me to till the soil of my kid's hearts, preparing them for the gospel

dreaming of the future but resting assured

a sister's belly swelling, anticipating seeing her soon

the truth that God pursues me through relationship, He is so faithful

His loving kindness

sharing what I have been reading with Matt before bed

a good report from Jesse's teacher


Elizabeth said...

jane how exciting! (this is elizabeth (notley) schweizer from gordon days). i am just now embarking on my lactation consultant certification--i just started a blog about my journey. i am sooo excited! i met with the director of our local lactation consultant internship program this past week. i was an english lit major so i have a lot more hoops to jump through than a health professional. but its worth it! i'm so glad to hear there are others out there who want to help support new mothers. its such a special time in a woman's life!

Gary said...

Sounds exciting!! I am sure you would do well. Enjoyed the photos too.Pearl