Monday, April 18, 2011

A change for Monday

I have been wanting to join Ann Voskamp on Mondays by giving thanks for His multitude of blessings.  But, because I wanted to dedicate this space to my sister on Mondays (and I anally wanted to stick to the alliteration) I decided to share my thanks on Thursdays.  Well, I have run out of Mommy Monday topics and feel like I need to shake things up a bit.  So, I will now with all the other bloggers who give thanks on Mondays.  I am excited to be a part of the community of grateful blessing counters! 
And I am actually going to officially start counting!
Not sure what will appear on Thursday, stay tuned!

The counting continues....

(001) new faith blooming in dark soil

(002) His word, always faithful, always true

(003) His promise to know us and to protect us

(004) the promise of life forever with Him

(005) undeserved love

(006) birthday celebrations

(007) old friends, new friends

(008) having Matt around this weekend

(009) sneaking hugs with my beloved

(010) a package of new crocs, the hope of Spring!

(011) worshipping with our church family

(012) the taste of the Lord's Supper, lingering on the tongue

(013) the hope of the gospel, lingering in my heart

(014) a walk around the neighborhood with my little girl

(015) a pocket full of dandelions when we got home

(016) celebrating new love  and old memories

(017) the sound of rain on the roof, falling asleep dry and warm

(018) kisses from my girl during church

(019) prayer answered

(020) a faithful God

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