Thursday, May 19, 2011

Come and sit a spell

Want to join me?  I am sitting at the kitchen table, finishing my coffee and toast, jumping up every few minutes to rescue something from demise at the hands of Silas.  If you were sitting with me at my table, what would we talk about? 
I would tell you about how all three children must have conspired together last night to make sure Matt and I didn't sleep.  Now everyone is a big ol pile of grump. 
But we are all (especially one little girl in particular) excited for the festivities this weekend to celebrate Karis turning five!  We are having a Fancy Nancy party with the girls from her preschool class- we will be painting ceramic purse piggy banks, playing games, whacking a pinata that says, "Ooolala" on it, face painting and dressing up in fancy finery.  My in laws are coming to town so I will have some extra hands on deck to help but I am also so glad they will get to celebrate with us!

I am so excited to have announced our summer reading for the Women's Ministry at church.  We will be reading One Thousand Gifts and I can not wait to see how lives will be changed!  I have been slack in keeping my list lately, and I can feel how it has effected the way I trust God and react to my circumstances.  I am glad I will be immersing myself in Ann's words again to remind of His goodness. 

And finally, this is one of our ADHD therapies that we find works very well:


And he insists on putting one of Matt's Led Zeppelin records on while he does it.  We are getting to the album quite well....

I hope you have a great Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

We had a 5-year-old Fancy Nancy party a couple of years ago. It was so much fun! Happy birthday to Karis. I can't believe she's going to be starting kindergarten next year!