Monday, June 6, 2011

Ten years of gifts

This week, Thursday to be exact, Matt and I will celebrate our ten year anniversary.  That sounds so grown up, so long.  It doesn't feel that way!  But when I look over the pictures from our wedding day, we look so young, and I think about what I know now, what we have lived through together, and I am glad that God has a good work planned! 
We wanted to go away for a weekend to celebrate, but our schedules wouldn't allow it.  So, my mom graciously offered to watch the kids overnight on Saturday so we could have a whole day together.  We planned a hike/walk and then dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants.  We also wanted to be intentional in our time together and followed a model of a marriage summit weekend that friends of ours use every few months.  It was so great!  We talked through our crazy life and things that we need to change, areas we want to grow.  We talked about our marriage and parenting and where we want our family to be in the next 5-10 years.  It was just so great to TALK, we don't get to complete whole conversations very often with young kids demanding most our time.  We were almost giddy and couldn't wait to get talkin! 
We are hoping not to wait another ten years to do it again! 

It was also a great time to reflect on God's goodness to us in the last ten years.
My list continues:

(038) a faithful, hard working husband

(039) a husband who is so patient with me and the changes that God is doing in my life

(040) the places we have been since we met

(041) our precious children and the joy they bring to our lives

(042) the opportunity to serve our church together

(043) hopes and dreams for the future

(044) the gentle tug of conviction

(045) waking up at 8:00 Sunday morning

(046) rest

(047) how ADHD has made us better parents

(048) rejoicing in progress

(049) finally seeing fruit from our labor

(050) a season of peace in our home

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