Tuesday, October 4, 2011

News from the Nut Tree

Are you still there?

I have not given up on the ol blog. This summer I decided to take a break, for many reasons, but mainly because life was just plain crazy!
But now it is October and schedules are in place and I feel the sanity slowly returning....and so is the blog!  Thanks for being patient! 

So, how about an update?

~ Jesse is in second grade this year and he is doing terrific!  We are pleased with the results we are seeing with his current medication for ADHD- I still think he brings home the wrong school work when I see how incredibly NEAT his handwriting is- amazing!  He is bringing home great grades and reports- the only conference I have had with his teacher so far was one that I requested!  We are still seeing some concerning behaviors that the medication has not helped (and may be making worse?), in particular the Asperberger type issues we were seeing before.  We are on a waiting list to get him evaluated for those things but the waiting list is six months out.  We are feeling ok about it though, that gives him some time to settle into school and for his teacher to observe certain patterns.  We also feel like his medication is helping with the major/hard to handle issues so we are in a good space overall.  I will try to blog more about the journey as we go along- something I have wrestled with as far as his privacy but I do want to discuss it with him and feel like sharing our story has such a great potential to help other parents, it is worth it.
~ Karis started kindergarten this year, at the same school Jesse is attending.  I love that she has a small class and is with a lot of the same kids she went to preschool with.  She is loving it and I can already see how she is maturing.  I love having her home with me in the afternoons!
~ Silas is going to a Mom's Morning Out class on Tuesdays- from 9:30-1:30- yes, a nice long, break!  He loves it too and is probably my only child that actually tells me all about what he did at school that day!  He is also potty trained- it only took about a week and I still cannot believe how easy it was!  He actually thinks it is fun, which tells you so much about his personality!  It was a little sad to realize that he is not technically a baby anymore but man, I love the no diaper thing- it's been seven years! 
~ I survived (and thoroughly loved) our church's first ever women's retreat this past weekend.  I guess you could say I ran and delegated the retreat but I could not have done it without all the help from everyone that planned and prayed for the weekend.  It was a sweet time of fellowship and learning from God's word.  It was exhausting though and I think I will need the next week to recoup!
~ My favorite fall treat so far this season has been apple cider tea- seep a tea bag in hot cider instead of water- yum, yum!  I especially like it with Chai tea but you could get so creative with it!

So, stay tuned! 
I have a list of things I have wanted to be writing about!

And yes, the summer theme will be changing...one thing at a time!


Lisa said...

Cider tea!? I never thought to combine my two favorite hot beverages! This could revolutionize things. I'll let you know what I think ;) And thanks for the update! Always love to hear what's going on at the Nut Tree house.

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

I'm so glad that school is going well so far for Jesse and Karis. And what a great idea about combining tea and cider!!!