Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beloved Kiki

So, Karis has this blankie that she calls "Kiki". It would be a very endearing aspect of her early childhood except for the fact that she sucks on one corner (and only one corner) and it stinks (no matter how often I wash it) and it is really gross. But, she sleeps with Kiki and Kiki travels everywhere with us and is a lifesaver in the grocery store and the car. Matt has been itching to get rid of it, or at least start cutting off the yucky corner, forcing her to move to another. I have tried in vain to get her to switch between hers and new one just like it but she prefers the stinky edge to anything else. I have been hesitant to ween her from it b/c she is so attached, I feel badly about it. Also, on a selfish level, I just don't want to deal with the aftermath. I am waiting for the "right time", when she is old enough to not be traumatized. Matt thinks I am a wuss.
Well, the time may have come. I took Jesse to the dentist yesterday and I think that we may have left Kiki there. I realized this last night as I was putting Karis to bed and looking all over the house, yard and car for it. No Kiki. So, we tried putting her to bed without it and gave her the backup Kiki she never cared for. It worked. She cried a little bit but eventually fell asleep. Matt was rejoicing and I too was relieved. Until 5:00 this morning. I heard this pitiful cry from Karis' room, "I can't find Kiki!!" I went in and tried to explain that we lost Kiki, etc. She was not happy with that response, screaming ensued. Not wanting her to wake up Jesse, I brought her into our bed with us. Every few minutes she would whine, "I want Kiki."
Oh brother. So, now I am wondering if she will just get over this without waking up at 5:00 every morning. Should I stick it out for a few days and see if it passes or should I go back to the dentist office and pick up the Kiki? Any thoughts?


Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

Oh, Kiki. I would call the dentist and ask about Kiki, but I am a sucker for "lovies." We went to Disney World about two years ago and the night before the flight we stayed at a hotel near the airport.

In the excitement of the morning, A's Bear was left. We realized at the airport and called the hotel. They found Bear and we picked her up after our trip, but our vacation was almost ruined.

Every night she would cry for Bear and say, "I don't want to be in Disney World. I just want to go home and get Bear!" She was 3 1/2 at the time.

Now Bear lives in a basket of stuffed animals in their room. It was a gradual, painless process for A. Good luck either way!

Jane said...

Thanks Amy,

When we were at the dentisit a few months again she told me to get rid of it b/c it is starting to cause an over-bite. When I told Matt he wasn't so convinced, although he loved the idea of getting rid of Kiki!
Jesse still has his blankies but we got rid of his pacifiers when he was almost three and I knew he was ready so it was pretty easy. If she just carried it around, I wouldn't try to take it from her but it is really gross smelling and if will cause her teeth problems...hopefully, she will start clinging to the newer one I got her and not put it in her mouth.
I was going to wait a little while longer but I may just take this opportunity, we'll see how it goes!

Sullivan's Mom said...

Sullivan has no such lovie. He is his own lovie, and that's perfect for me. We can never lose that...hopefully. I'm with Matt, I'll be honest. Ditch the kiki. She'll get over it and someday you can tell her the truth and she might even laugh about it. Something that worked with my nephew (he was a thumbsucker) was a stern talking to by the doctor. The thumb never went into his mouth after that. But he was older than she is. Anyway, easy for me to say...sullivan could care less about anything.