Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kiki Update

Sorry if you haven't read the original Kiki post yet but there is an update.

I was at Wegman's this morning in the check out line and was rummaging through a section of my back pack where I don't usually put things, what did I stumble upon? Kiki. I froze, Karis in the cart in front of me, making sure she didn't see it. Now what?

Do I continue to play along like we lost it to see if she is ready to part with it? I feel a little bad lying to her about it but this may be a good time to part ways with the smelly friend.

I put her down for her nap this afternoon without it to see how it would go. She cried at first but not too long and now she is just up there talking away in her crib...maybe she just won't ever go to sleep....I'm not sure I could handle that....

Anyway, here is a picture of Karis with her beloved Kiki. You can see the nasty dark spot where she likes to suck on it. Lovely.

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Lisa said...

Ewww! Is it discolored from her sucking it? lol At least with Geneva's taggy she's not partial to any one tag. But it does get pretty stinky and I try to avoid looking under the tag creases. ("are you sure you want to put that in your mouth!?") It's pretty much limited to sleeping times and I'm hoping she grows out of it on her own sometime before she goes to college. Caleb has recently started getting attached to his taggy as well. It's a tough one because it is so nice to have something in your toolbox to calm them down but then when you don't have it and they can't sleep...not pretty.