Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day

We drove in from our visit to Ohio last night, just in time for a winter mix to settle on the Lehigh Valley. Jesse's preschool Christmas program was cancelled this morning, which gives me some time to recoup from the trip and rest my newly developing head cold.
Some reflections this morning:
1. We had a great time in Ohio visiting Matt's family. From a wedding, to dinosaur bones at the Museum of Natural History, to Christmas celebrations, to playtime with cousins, to a night and two days at Great Wolf Lodge. It was busy but full of memories. And we had Matt all to ourselves!
2. I am entrusting my brother to the Lord this morning as we anticipate his call to serve our country in Iraq, come March. We are not surprised by this news, as we knew it was a possibly, but we were thinking it might happen while he was still serving in the Army, not now as he is done with his time and newly married. So, we pray with hope because God is the great protector and He can use all things for His glory (and please, can we end this war soon??).
3. As we have been praying and seeking out schooling options for Jesse for the Fall, I have found myself being continually pulled back to where I originally started. I am reconsidering homeschooling, as crazy as it may be, it is where my heart is and where I find myself landing whenever I think about what the best option for us as a family is. I am fearful and excited. I need to keep praying alot about this, there needs to be alot of changes around here for homeschool to happen and I am not sure what things will look like with a new babe in the mix. But I do know that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
4. This had been a hard Advent season for me. I have not been feeling well physically, pregnancy related as well as one head cold on top of another. I am feeling lucky to survive the day let alone engage the kids in creative and meaningful advent activities. I have felt some guilt about this as I really want the focus of the season to be on the birth of Christ and not the gifts. We have tried in small ways to do that this season and I have realized that, by God's grace, some of the principles that we have taught our children, especially Jesse, the rest of the year have been applied to Christmas, without homemade Advent wreaths or fancy family devotions. Hearing Jesse jumbling up the words of Away in the Manger last night in the car gave me some comfort- God desires a simple faith and obedience from us.

The snow is falling more heavily now and I see a fabulous sledding hill forming in our backyard...I think it is time to get creative and find something the kids can actually sled with (can you believe we don't own a sled?).
Happy Snow Day!

Some Ohio Highlights:

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