Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday's Truth

Feeling sluggish and tired.
Not sure if it is the season of busyness and extra activities filling the calendar squares.
But I don't feel much like writing, but I know it will help to reach out, to remind myself of the point of the busyness.
Yesterday in our Jesse Tree devotions we looked at the story of Jacob's dream of the ladder to heaven. Ann Voskamp, the writer of the devotion book we have been using writes this reflection on the bible story:

"And God, He whispers to us this best gift of all: 'I am with you and will protect you wherever you go...I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.'
God is with us in this season of coming and going and God is with us in these places, though we knew it not, at our tables and in our cars and down our street and in the unlikeliest, unexpected places, even in the manger of a barn and we meet God in a thousand places. Who knows it?"

A good reminder, in my weariness, to look for him everywhere, even in the busyness, especially in that God-forsaken line at Walmart, because He promises to be there.

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