Monday, January 31, 2011

Mommy Monday

Well, my sister and her husband visited us over the weekend and my sister and I had fun browsing Babies R Us and trying out car seats, strollers, etc. I hope it was helpful and not overwhelming! I had a lot of fun and it was great to spend time with her and her little "baby bump". She also helped me design my new blog template...cute, huh?

Today's Mommy Monday topic is books. It's always helpful to start out with a good collection of children's books and my sister would like to add a few to her registry.

My favorites are:
1. Any of the McCloskey books: Make Way for Ducklings, Blueberries for Sal, One Morning in Maine
2. Good Night Moon
3. Any Sandra Boynton: Barnyard Dance, Hippos Go Berserk
4. We're Going On a Bear Hunt
5. Any of the Usborne That's Not My.... books

What are your favorite children's and/or baby books?
We'd love to hear your suggestions!


Lisa said...

Wow, I'm actually commenting on Monday! Beatrix Potter's books will probably always be my favorites. And she does have a few shorter ones for the shorter attention spans of the littlest listeners. Touch and Feel texture books (as you mentioned the "That's Not My..."), are also great for sensory skills. I also like books with rhythm and rhyme, from nursery rhymes to Dr. Suess to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (I got kinda sick of that one after baby #1 though).

Jane said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! I have been waiting to hear from you! Great suggestions, we just return a Beatrix Potter treasury to the library and I have been wondering why we never bought one!

Sullivan's Mom said...

1. I'm loving Mo Willems these days.... (knuffle bunny and don't let the pigeon drive the bus - nothing like a great silly book...)
2. and we love No, David.
3. David Wesiner has beautiful illustrations, and his lack of words allows kids to tell their own story about what's going on - I love his stuff.
4. Where the Wild Things Are ... I can't read that book without crying....seriously. I just love stories that kids can relate to - No, David and this have bad days, you know? With a kid who has monster fears, we've found it helpful to have stories that show kids being brave.
5. We really love the Jesus storybook bible. I love read-aloud stories and the illustrations are pretty fabulous as well. (Although when anne's bible comes out, you should probably just buy that because her pictures are something you should just cut out and frame. forget the stories... just kidding. although I might buy it for the artwork...)
okay and as a teacher I have to admit that rhyming books are great....Sullivan can "read" the books on his own now, because the language is so easy to catch on to.... Dr. Seuss is one of our favorites...

Jane said...

Sarah, great suggestions! I love your take on Where the Wild Things Are and kids being able to relate to it.
I got Em the Jesus Storybook Bible for Christmas, it is a must have!
I too, refer to Anne's bible as Anne's and not whoever wrote it. Can't wait to get my hands on that one too.

Egan Ninjas said...

oh i agree with every suggestion in response to this. I do need to add Eric Carle books!

words and streets said...

I'll throw out our favorites currently: Bill Peet books are one of our favorites, Virginia Lee Burton, Steven Kellogg, a good animal encyclopedia (as big and all encompassing as you can find), Little House and Narnia series, of course, and let me not forget Richard Scarry. I'd say those are the well worn books around here, apart from any star wars/Lego books. And delaney just loves her Curious George compilation.

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