Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowday Sanctification

I had great hopes for the morning as I went to bed last night.
I had crock pot oatmeal started, coffee maker on timer and my devotional book waiting on the kitchen table. I was going to wake up early, have a quiet time and get ready for the day, before the kids got up. I even had school clothes laid out for the two older ones.
I was in bed by 10:30, alarm set.
As it turns out, Matt's pager went off a bazillion times last night (note: please do not call your doctor in the middle of the night, or at 5:00am, unless you are dying, thanks).
Silas woke up at 3:30 and I ended up rocking him back to sleep and then the phone rang at 5:30, which only means one thing: school is cancelled.
I swear I could hear the proverbial scream of all mothers as the phone call went through the Lehigh Valley in the wee hours of the morning.
Jesse crawled into our bed a little after 6:00.
Game over.
I was tired; I was crabby; I was not expecting the day to start like this.
Instead of starting off in quiet and peace, chaos ruled.
It was only 10:30 when I texted a friend, "Just shoot me now."
She texted back, "I just keep chanting to myself: I am thankful. God has to be teaching me something. I can't believe this is a sick joke!"
Thanks. Ah yes, I needed that reminder.
How do I find the joy in a day not going how I planned? I would have such a better attitude if I would have been able to have that quiet time!
How do I hear God in the LOUD "Mamamamamamamamamama's" and fighting kids and barking dog (yes, even the dog is bored!) and "What am I supposed to do's"?
How do I see God here and now in the mess of a house that I can't seem to keep straight?
Gratitude reminds me that even when the circumstances don't change, my eyesight can.
I can see God through giving thanks.

So, I stop. And I sit. And I thank.

Baby Einstein (I could kiss Julie Clark, really)

"Mom, she's trying to kiss me again!"

These feet

This face

This little monkey

A friend to reach out to

A nap for the little one

My Jedi in training

Her ability to entertain herself

I'm sorry. I forgive you.


Doritos and Diet Coke

That He got me to 1:00

I am hoping that you are seeing God today, whatever your mess.

It doesn't matter if it's the right blog day, will you join me in giving thanks in the comments below?

It will change everything.


Anonymous said...

Jane- I LOVE your posts!! They are so real. Makes me and i am sure others feel like we are not alone in this crazy journey of motherhood! :)

Laura said...

Jane- I LOVE your posts!! They are so real. Makes me and i am sure others feel like we are not alone in this crazy journey of motherhood! :)

emily said...

great post! i am thankful today for a pitched roof. I know, pathetic, but that's what I am thankful for right this snowy/icey moment.

William Buckman said...

I am thankful for a daughter who continually humbles me with her insights.

Jane said...

Thanks Laura, I am glad that they are an encourgement to you!

Em, not a pathetic thanksgiving, there is good reason to be thankful for that!

Aw shucks Dad, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed following your blog, Jane! Thanks for this post!