Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I know it's Wednesday, and it's supposed to be wordless, but I have random thoughts taking up space in my brain and I thought I would share them here. 

See this boy? 

He's home sick today.  As we were driving to pick up his sister at preschool, we passed the garbage men in our neighborhood.
 "Mommy?" he says from the back seat, "I want to be a garbage man when I grow up.  Do they have to go to more school or college?" 
"No they don't," I reply.
"Ok, then I want to be a garbage man so I don't have to go to college."
 "But don't you want to go to college and learn a lot of cool stuff?" I ask.
"No, I will miss you too much."
Heart swell.
I will have to remind him of this conversation in ten years when he actually does leave me for college.

On another note, we are starting to thaw out here.  The kiddos keep announcing that it is spring!  I wish.

  Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!


5th Belle Avenue said...

Hooray! I love your blog! So excited to follow. :) - Anna

Jane said...

Thanks Anna!