Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Truth

The truth of the matter is....

- This day light's savings thing has got to stop. Seriously, whoever thought of this brilliant idea apparently didn't have children.  I am pretty sure we could do away with it and everyone would be just fine.  Sheesh. 

- Buying a new car is an all consuming, practically part-time job...at least for us it is.  I am happy to report that we have the brand spankin new car in the driveway and returned the ugly rental to it's rightful place tonight.  Case closed.  Almost.  We need to go over to the insurance company tomorrow and sign some papers.  In another town.  At dinnertime.  Then we will done.  Finally.

- I really love my VW minivan, I really do.  And I love the added perk that we get free maintenance for the first two years.  The only problem is that the dealership has really slow, horrible service.  I went in yesterday morning for a twenty minute fix up and left two hours later with a rental car and was late to get Karis at preschool.  Thank God I had a friend who was able to pick her up but the plans for the rest of my day were ruined.

So, my week hasn't gotten off to a good start.  I found myself thinking longingly back to last week and my diligence around the house.  Now I am looking at a trashed house and I am feeling more behind than ever.  But, the real truth of the matter is that in all of the above situations that started my week (with the exception of the day light's savings, there is no redemption there) I have a multitude of things to be thankful for. 

- We have a new car.  A brand new, beautiful car that fits all three kids in the back and gets great gas mileage.  We are blessed.

- We haven't paid for an oil change in two years. 

- As I was stuck in the itty bitty kid's playroom at the dealership yesterday morning, I got to hang out with Silas and learn more about his funny personality.  He did great.  Over an hour in that tiny room with a ball, a few puzzles and a bucket.  We had a blast. 

- I have a wonderful friend who is like a sister to me, who I can call (almost!) anytime and she will help me out.  I am blessed.

- Amidst the chaos and the messy house, I have two kids who are growing up before my eyes.  Karis asked (begged) to get her ears pierced today (because all the girls in her class are- preschool, really?!).  The thought both scares and awes me.  When did she get so grown up?  Jesse took communion for the first time on Sunday and it was such a blessing to share that with him.  Tonight he asked to pray before dinner and it was a very thoughtful prayer that showed how much God is working in his heart.

I have been grumbling a lot today.  Something that Ann Voskamp has been teaching me is that when I allow the bitterness and complaining to win out over gratitude, I am missing the gifts that God has already given me, that he continues to give all the time.  So, now at the close of the day, I stop and look and see that He is indeed in every moment.  And I choose to be grateful.   


Anonymous said...

Oh Jane, God is so good isn't He? I remember those days with our boys and sometimes wish them back but not really as I would miss out on the blessings God gives me now with daughters-in-law and grandkids. Our walk with God is to be like Him and that means He keeps chipping off all my edges. Ouch!

Bekah said...

Well said Jane. I am so blessed that our families are journeying together up the road of santification. Your friendship is truly a gift of grace.