Friday, April 15, 2011

The Week in Review

Is it really Friday?  Wow.  Our days are so busy lately it's hard to keep track of what actually happened this week.  Here are some of the things that transpired.

- Rain.  We had a lot of rain this week.  It was a good chance for me to get caught up on some housework and laundry.  I am a struggling homemaker.  I have yet to find a system that works for me, partly because of my personality and partly because we don't always do the same things everyday.  Although I would love to be more organized and not live in a state of chaos most of the time, the truth of the matter is that it all gets done.  At some point. 

- Twice this week I got to sit over coffee with friends and chat.  I love that.  I am an extroverted person and need to have interaction with other people to feel sane, especially when we are stuck in the house because of rain.  I am so grateful for those times. 

- I am loving long phone conversations with my sister talking mommy things.  This week she took the plunge and bought cloth diapers.  I helped her pick which ones to get, how many, etc.  We have always been close but it is exciting to be able to share this part of who I am with her.  And I can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew!

- I got a call from the psychologist who has been working with us to get Jesse tested for ADHD.  It looks like the insurance company is only going to pay $200 out of the $3000 testing costs.  $200.  After all that work we get $200.  I am frustrated beyond belief, all that wasted time!  But I am trying to remember that God's time is never wasted.  We just need to figure out what to do next.  I could try to go through the school district but it is getting to be the end of the year and I am not sure if we will be able to get it in and his problems are not academic related, which is why we went the private route.  I did my research ahead of time and the insurance company told me that all the tests are covered.  I know now never to trust an insurance company.  So, for now we just keep trying to handle it on our own.  Read more books, try new things.  God has a plan and I know it is good. 

- We are looking forward to a mini-reunion of some of Matt's college roommates tomorrow.  They are coming here for food and fellowship and chasing kids.  It will be a lot different than college days! 

Hope you are looking forward to something fun this weekend!  Take care.

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Lisa said...

1. I love that you are getting a post up every week! Way to go!
2. I'm jealous of those friends that shared coffee with you. I really want to hang out with you!
3. What are these tests that cost $3000? Yikes. $200 from insurance? What a joke. But I am encouraged by how you're trusting God in this frustrating situation.