Monday, May 16, 2011


A quick report:

Jesse had a much better day today!  His teacher told me that he was fine at school- no emotional up and downs and he even wrote a full page in his journal this morning (usually he just write one or two sentences) and she said that his handwriting is improved as well!  She remarked how he is the same old Jesse, just a bit toned down, which is how I would describe how he was at home this afternoon.  It was actually one of the best afternoons we have had around here in awhile (and a little quieter).  At one point he was writing on a poster he had brought home from school and Silas was trying to draw on it as well.  Jesse's normal response would have been to push him out of the way and yell at him but instead he said, "Silas, could you not draw on my poster?"  I couldn't believe my ears! 
So, I am feeling a bit more peace today.  He got a good night's sleep last night so I think that helped things.  We are feeling our way through and finding what works, knowing we have a faithful guide leading us every step.
I am grateful for some glimpses of hope today. 
Thanks for praying!

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Magpie Designz said...

Ya hoo! I have been praying like a mad woman!