Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Wind Down

I am beginning to notice signs of the encroaching fall. The fruit and veggies at the farmer's market are starting to change: acorn squash and apples popping up amongst the sweet corn and peaches. Activities are starting up again after the rest of summer. But the biggest fall event on the horizon is school starting. Jesse will be starting 1st grade at a local christian school in two weeks! I am very excited, for Jesse but for me as well. Jesse needs the structure and routine of school and the constant interaction with people; I need to have a break from constant interaction with Jesse (as do the other two kids) and some time to do some new things. I am very excited to be able to devote more time to the Women's Ministry this year. We are going to be studying Proverbs in the fall and I have been having a great time preparing, I think it is my new favorite book of the Bible! I have also been convicted about my impact on the environment lately. The first step I am taking is to eliminate as much trash as possible. We've been cloth diapering since Silas was a wee one but lately I have been making the switch to cloth napkins, buying certain foods in bulk to eliminate packaging waste and making some of my own food. I got myself an awesome new bread maker to make our own bread and I am going to try to make some cereals and snacks for the kids as well. Needless to say, with Jesse in school I will have more time to do these things and they are things that Karis can do alongside me.
As much as I am excited, I have some anxiety as well. I will miss Jesse, as much as he sucks the life out of me, he is great to have around too. I had a thought this morning of Jesse at the bus stop, waiting for the bus with his uniform on and backpack on his back. I had a pit in my stomach that moved it's way up to my throat. I get teary thinking of him navigating the halls, making friends and eating his lunch without me. What if kids tease him or he is confused about what he is learning? I know this is all normal, I am trying to allow myself these feelings and praying that I will entrust Jesse fully to the Lord.
And there are practical concerns as well, like what to make him for lunch! I am thinking healthy, fun with minimal waste....eek! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

What are you looking forward to this fall?


emily said...

Mr. Social will be just fine, but i understand your anxiety!

I am looking forward to my fall wreaths, pumpkin pancakes and apple crisp. Bring it on!

MFB said...

I started tearing up thinking about Tennyson's cubby at school. Sheesh.